Podmany is an app designed for writers and book lovers. We curate podcasts about books and we curate podcasts dedicated to helping writers master their craft.  But we realize that people who love books have other interests too! So, users of this app can also customize their homescreen with podcasts from any other topics they want. And because the app has access to virtually all podcasts on the air today, you can truly customize anyway that you like. But the top two rows of your homescreen will always feature the shows we’ve curated about books and the craft of writing. 

The app also provides monetization tools for podcasters. Any podcaster can use these tools, but we designed them specifically with author-podcasters in mind, to help sell a book (or service related to their book). We do this by allowing the podcaster to place buttons on the podcast screen that lead directly to the book, product, service, or even to their Patreon page. Gone are the days of link trees and hoping people will remember the URL you announced at the beginning of your show. Now listeners can click a button on their podcast screen to buy your book or support your Patreon while still listening to your podcast.