How do I get the app?

You can download from the App Store or Google Play. Click here to learn more. 

Is the app free?


If I am already part of a podcast network, can I still claim my show on the podmany app and use the monetization tools?

Yes. We do not interfere with your network in any way, nor do we take a cut of any of your existing ad sales through your network. Our app is designed to help your show improve monetization through direct product links. If you are part of a network, we think they will be pleased with the opportunity for improved monetization through podmany. 

If I claim my show on the podmany app, can I still list my show everywhere else (iTunes, Google, etc)?

Absolutely. Your podcasts will be available everywhere they are currently available. But, embedded product links will only be available to listeners through the podmany app. So, while it makes sense for you to invite your listeners to access your show through podmany, they will still be able to access from anywhere else it is available.